Management Profile

Mr. Casey (K7)

Group CEO

Mr. Casey started business at the age of 13 and has been in business for the last 23 years. In 2006, through his entrepreneurial spirit, Mr. Casey founded and developed Diamond Glass Enterprise Pte Ltd from a small start-up business to the large conglomerate it is today. Through business diversification, he has established Diamond Glass Group of Companies namely Diamond Glass Enterprise Pte Ltd, Diamond Investment Pte Ltd, Diamond Rope Access Pte Ltd, Hutchison Safety Glass Pte Ltd, Hutchison Logistics Pte Ltd and The Hutchison Group S.E. Asia Pte Ltd.

Diamond Glass Enterprise Pte Ltd has helmed many prestigious glass projects ranging from Marina Bay Sands, Tuas Checkpoint, Gardens by the Bay and Singapore’s Changi Airport to name a few. Mr. Casey has established Hutchison Safety Glass, a glass factory which manufactures and supplies glass to various clients within and outside Singapore. Mr. Casey’s passion and drive for the business did not diminish as he continued to develop a Design and Build division within his company to undertake various design and build projects in Singapore.

Because of his business acumen, creativity and passion for excellent service, Mr. Casey received numerous awards from prestigious award-giving bodies in Singapore. He is also sitting as chairman in various organisations. Despite his success, Mr. Casey does not forget his social responsibilities and is very active in carrying out social works and he is also a mentor for many startups and budding entrepreneurs.

Effectively he was able to apply his principle to his businesses: “When you visualize, you actualize. Focus, Focus, Focus, key to great SUCCESS.

Ms. Laura 

Group GM

Ms. Laura Cruz is a Certified Public Accountant (CPA). She has 17 years of experience in Finance and joined Diamond Glass Enterprise in 2010. Through her stellar management skills and quick wit, she was tasked to other departments in the company ranging from finance, human resources, administration and even operations. Having had her hand in all facets of the company coupled with her experience and work ethics, Ms. Laura was assigned the role of Group General Manager. Despite the additional weight of responsibility on her shoulders, she took it upon herself to ensure that all aspects of the business from the management of all affiliated companies right down to dealing with staff on a personal level are carried out without any discrepancies.


Ms. Maria 

Group HR Manager

As one of the longest serving staff members of Diamond Glass Enterprise Pte Ltd, Ms. Maria was appointed as the HR Manager of the Company. Her responsibilities include the management of all management staff and ground technicians. She is responsible for much of the manpower growth of the company to bring in cream of the crop management staff for various departments and technicians which have contributed greatly to the company’s success. Throughout her experience, Ms. Maria has greatly expanded her knowledge and skill in the field of Human Resource Management and strives to continually contribute to the growing human resource needs and challenges as the company continues to progress.


Mr. Alberto 

Design Manager

Mr. Alberto, hails from a long line of design projects and boasts an impressive resume of projects that he has undertaken. He started out as a Draftsman and worked his way up throughout an impressive career to the position of Senior Design Team Leader. He has traversed the globe and has had his hand in many design projects serving as the Design Team Leader for projects such as The World Trade Centre in Doha, Heathrow Airport Terminal 3 in England and the Burj Khalifa in the UAE to name a few.His speciality lies in aluminium facade design but he is no stranger to the other aspects of design having had over 30 years of experience in the design field. Through his experiences working in such renowned companies such as ALUNASA, SCHMIDLIN & GOTZ to name a few, he now brings his expertise to Diamond Glass Enterprise and heads up the Design and Build Division of the company as a Design Manager.


Ms. Diana Tan

Contracts Manager

Ms. Diana forms one of the most pivotal positions in Diamond Glass Pte Ltd. She heads up the Contracts Department and ensures that all quotations and submissions for tenders are prepared according to proper specifications as required by our vast Clients. Efficient and with a keen eye for details she ensures that all submissions are prepared and sent out on time without any error. She also lends her hand as an Office Manager ensuring that all departments are up to par on performance and are meeting the various deadlines. With many solid working capabilities Ms. Diana continues to strive further for herself and the company.

Mr. Aye Min 

Operations Manager

Mr. Aye Min heads up and oversees the ongoing projects undertaken by Diamond Glass Enterprise. His job scope includes the management of the deployment of technicians to the various work sites to ensure that there is no wastage of workers and that productivity at the site is kept up. Aye Min is no stranger in the field of operations. He has proven his capabilities as he carries under his belt, a long term of service as an operations supervisor in the Keppel Shipyard. In the context of Diamond Glass, he has also cultivated a healthy working relationship and camaraderie with all the supervisors and technicians onsite and has achieved a high level of respect from his subordinates and peers within the company. He continues to forge his way with the company in achieving a long term and illustrious career in the sector of operations.

Ms. Denise

Design Team Leader

Ms. Denise currently heads up Diamond Glass Enterprise’s Design Department. With specialization in facade engineering, Ms. Denise holds a strong resume of works in the field of design engineering. Having had 6 years in the field of design engineering, she is no stranger to working overseas and locally. Armed with her vast knowledge in the field of designing, she brings a strong arm of support and guidance to Diamond Glass’ design team and is already heading up many design and build projects among others. Ms Denise’s expertise and career continues to advance as she achieves greater heights from the base platform as Design Team Leader.

Mr. Vignesh

Logistics Manager

Using his 15 years of experience in Logistics for various industries some of which include the Oil and Gas and construction industry to name a few, he heads up the entire logistics division of Diamond Glass Enterprise. Ensuring that materials and equipment are available and prepared for all project site works, Mr. Vignesh effectively combines his long standing experience in logistics and his skills of effective store management to ensure that through the many on-going projects around the island, all logistical and transportation needs are met on every level and without delay. Apart from his ability to implement and manage a smooth running logistical operation for the organization, he also manages HSG Logistics Pte Ltd, another subsidiary of Diamond Glass Enterprise.

Mr. Kevin

Assistant HR Manager

Mr. Kevin joined Diamond Glass Enterprise Pte Ltd with a degree in Business Management with a specialization in Human Resources. With his knowledge in the HR field coupled with his perseverance, dedication and commitment to the field of Human Resources, he forged a very resilient working partnership with his superior, Ms. Maria and forms one half of the Human Resource Department of Diamond Glass Enterprise Pte Ltd. Working as a team or individually, Mr. Kevin has made an integral contribution in the organization’s Human Resource aspects of recruitment, employee management, technician management & organizational system implementations for the organization all aimed at improving the productivity and efficiency of the organization’s most important resource.

Ms. Angeline

Assistant Operations Manager

Ms. Angeline heads up all the ongoing projects undertaken by Diamond Glass Enterprise. Her job scope includes the management of the deployment of technicians to the various works site to ensure that there is no wastage of workers and that productivity at the site is kept up. She has proven her capabilities by not only being one of the youngest staff members in a high profile designation but has also managed to keep her composure and ensure a high level of professionalism despite the hectic work and project deployment schedule. She has also cultivated a healthy working relationship and camaraderie with all the supervisors and technicians onsite and has achieved a high level of respect from her subordinates and peers within the company.