• Ig Production
  • 18-Dew Point Testing
  • 17-Loading to rack
  • 16-Removing Excess Silicon
  • 15-Silicon Application
  • 14-Glass Inspection before Silicon Application
  • 13-Unloading Glass from machine
  • 12- Glass Pressing
  • 11-Assembly of Spacer Frame into Glass
  • 10-Butyl Inspection
  • 9-Butyl Application
  • 8-Connecting the Spacer bar
  • 7-Dessicant Filling
  • 6-Dessicant heat Test
  • 5-Spacer Bar Cutting
  • 4-Cleaning the Glass
  • 3-Glass Inspection After Washing
  • 2-Washing
  • 2-AWater Quality Checking
  • 1-Checking Glass Dimension & Quality
  • 1-AGlass Loading

Glass Production Process & QA/ QC Process

Diamond Glass offers a wide spectrum of glass units produced from our comprehensive glass production lines. Our production process and quality control procedures are guided by the IGMA manufacturing standards. Our skilled technical team carry out quality assurance checks, carefully verifying before proceeding to the next procedure to ensure only the best quality in our finished products.


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