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From building facades to building interiors, the immense possibilities and flexibility of glass make living space an art form in modern architecture. Diamond Glass Enterprise Pte Ltd creates a solid foundation for creativity and productivity combined with high-quality technology.

Diamond Glass Enterprise Pte Ltd established its very own Glass Manufacturing Factory in 2013. It immediately established a best quality control practice in Singapore for excellent manufacturing process. The clean and ordered Glass Manufacturing Facility provides excellent basic conditions for the production of quality glass. Thus, the quality of all our glass products is under IGMA Standards.

With its comprehensive and cutting-edge glass machineries for Europe, Our Glass Manufacturing Company  is capable of designing, manufacturing and supplying all types of safety glass, from basic annealed glass to sophisticated high performance glass that consists of laminated, heat-treated, low-E glass, double-glazed with heat-treated tinted glass.

At Diamond Glass Enterprise Pte Ltd, we ensure to meet target deadlines, give fast lead time and provide you with only the best quality glass products.




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